Monday, 18 August 2014

Its All about Money, Honey....

Childhood memories are so vivid and blissful! Especially there are some instances and incidents which remain with us and their memories are so bright and clear as if they happened just yesterday. Be it pleasant or otherwise, they will always remain with us, sometimes haunting  and yet most of the times making us nostalgic.

Like the first time I got my slippers. They were bright cotton candy pink
plastic slippers. They were very rough and used to make some sound when I walked, and boy was I proud of them!

Unlike these days when we buy booties for the just born, I must have been at least 5 or 6 years old when I had my first slippers. Come to think of it, when we could have easily afforded, why did the parents then delayed in making such purchases? Was it really money that mattered or the materialistic matters were intentionally delayed??

As far as I can remember, we had no dearth of money in maintaining a decent life, eating variety of foods and celebrating all the festivals. My father was a civil servant and was in a relatively good post. It is difficult to comprehend, but there were times when I remember eating everything I wanted and buying ribbons and toys and peppermints and generally feeling well off, but still there were times when I used to wish we could be rich and had more money. Like this time when I used to visit my friends and neighbors Manjula and Umas' house. In the mind of a 5 year old, they were considered to be rich. Why? Because, unlike us they could eat one orange each!  And the biggest royalty was they were eating Dates!

Yes, you read it right. While on Shivaratri day, we being Vaishnavites ate special food, they were Shivaites and fasted on that day. One Shivaratri, I saw them eating Dates and boy was I jealous! At that time Dates were beyond my reach and I would think, when I grow up and have lots of money, first thing I would buy would be loads and loads of Dates!

Even today you can win me over with a box of fresh soft Dates. Like this friend of my husband Prakash, Mr. Abdul Basheer other day gifted us a box full of fresh soft Dates straight from Mecca on Ramzan! While he was fasting, I was here feasting on Dates! The fresh Dates from Mecca were so soft and delicious, I was dragging myself forcibly away from the box every time I went to eat one. No one can eat just one!

And there is a great lesson we can learn from the Dates. When they are new, they are fresh and  juicy and a great treat, but with the passage of time, unlike any other fruit in the world, they don't get spoiled or don't degenerate, and their quality remains the same. Just like humans, they may wreathe with age, they may mellow but they retain their quality and sweetness. There is no need of any preservatives, in fact they turn out to be wonderful dry fruits!

Regarding our parents, had they minded, they could have afforded to get us more. But by not over spending and indulging, they were being more pragmatic in teaching us the value of money and not indulge in consumerism.
Anyways, those old habits die hard. Even now when things are easily affordable, I think twice and ponder whether I really need things and take care that I do not splurge money and seen to it that my children also appreciate the value of hard earned money.

When I was studying in PU college, it was a fashion and a craze to bring vanity bag to the college. It would cost all of twenty five rupees, an astronomical price for a bag to bring books to college! We were living in Gulbarga and one of my friends' father had bought one for her from Bangalore. Then I would plan, OK when I grow up and earn, with my third  salary, I would buy one such bag.

The first salary, ofcourse was reserved for Dates, the second was meant for buying books. Yes, that is right. That was another big dream. I badly wanted to finish my studies, start earning so that I could buy loads and loads of books and novels from the shop in front of my house.

All the three big dreams are more than fulfilled now but the fact remains that deep inside, the habits, the caution seeded by my father still holds its place in my mind. After my son started earning, one day while we were returning from some outing, he informed that it was Mothers' Day and offered to buy me some gifts and stopped the car in front of a clothes shop.

I went inside happily with his card, purchased to my heart's content and came out. As the situations would have it, owing to weight gain, I had stopped wearing Chudidars.But unfortunately my husband had earlier been hospitalised and underwent surgery. The situation had turned difficult and at short notices, I was forced to pack some clothes and rush to hospitals to be with him.

Staying at hospitals, packing and changing frequently was turning out to be quite taxing, and while I was purchasing clothes all these things were uppermost in my mind, So I had purchased three sets of cotton comfortable chudidars, all for about Rs.1500 and came out beaming.
Reality dawn to me when my son looked at the bill and exclaimed “ Is that all? You purchased for just 1500 rupees?” My father's first salary was 4 Rupees, mine was 400 Rupees and my son's was 40000 Rupees, but the pleasure I had with every first purchase remains incomparable and  special.

Yesterday I was in for a big surprise – nay shock. My son had been to Pondicherry with his friends and on his return handed me a cover. It contained a HIDESIGN bag – a branded one – for me.A gift from anyone is always an indication that you are in their thoughts and their heart – but when your children give you gifts, it holds a special place of pride in your heart.
Then I opened the cover, was delighted to see the bag and then I looked at the price tag. I looked and looked and looked – it was from the factory outlet at 50% discount and the discounted price was 4000 Rupees! And my son nonchalantly explained that in open market it would cost around 8000 Rupees. 8000 Rupees for MY bag!?! I am still in a state of shock !!!

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Happy Birthday COLONY AMMA ......

Have you ever met a person who has                                        
  • Never got angry
  • Never shouted at anyone
  • Never let anything perturb her
  • Never felt depressed
  • Never worried
  • Never was and never looked or acted greedy
  • Never felt jealous of anyone
  • Never cried
  • Never was over-sensitive or
  • Never was overtly emotional......

I can see the sceptic look on my readers' face.Don't think there can exist such a person? If you think so then you have not met this person. जानोगे तो मानोगे ना !  I am sure everybody except from my family would reply in negative. I am fortunate to have a Mother-in-Law who is all above and much more.

I have known and have been interacting with this lady -  my MIL Smt.Narmada Bai, wife of late N.Ananthachar - for more than a quarter of a century now and I am not exaggerating, but I have never seen her expressing any of the above mentioned emotions. If we all consider Late sri N.Ananthachar as a Daivamsha Sambhuta for his immense strength and achievements during his lifetime, an equal , if not more credit should be given to his wife and life partner for standing by him in his struggles and for her splendid and enviable personality.

As we are about to celebrate my MIL's 100 th birthday this Sunday, I have been thinking about her and her life. The more I think, the more and more I am marveling at the wonderful lady. Thinking that I might have overlooked or not witnessed something, I discussed with my husband whether anytime he has seen any of the above emotions in his mother. He tried to recall, recollect but ended up grinning and admiring his mother all the more.

And it makes all the more exemplary, if I narrate what she has been through and how her life had been one of innumerable struggles,sacrifices and ultimately achievements and triumphs. Many don't know much about her as she has always led low profile life and never aspired to hog the limelight. Although I may not be the right and competent person to tell about her, I feel that at this moment of celebration, we all family and friends should share, celebrate and try to imbibe at least some of her finest qualities.

Having been born in a rich family of an Amaldar from Arsikere, she has always been well read, well informed and extremely well behaved. In fact she can give a tip or two in management, handling the pressure, financial management and delegation of work. With hardly one or two children, with so much of awareness and amenities, we struggle to create, build and maintain that perfect rapport in the family. But she is a mother of twelve, MIL of twelve and without ever raising her voice one decibel or without twitching a single muscle on her face or without ever losing her composure, she has brought up her children and has seen to it that her family has always stood for principles, human values and has always remained bonded together.

But then was she very strict? No. Was she very lenient and indulgent? Never! In fact she saw to it that the principles laid out by her and her husband were always respected and followed by all the family members. I think she has that management skill and the art of delegation and she has such a beautiful art of communication, that even without uttering many words and without talking much, she lets it be known that she is the authority, and she has been showing and following the right path and without slightest hesitation and resistance everybody in the family would willingly toe her lines.

Did she imbibe these qualities from her parents or did her association with Sri.Ananthachar instilled such confidence in her? She must have been barely 14 when she got married and moved to her husband's place at Mysore. Did her in-laws influenced her or was it her husband's character rubbing on her? Whatever it was, she stood shoulder to shoulder with her husband in both his social life, his building of the educational institutions or looking after her family.

Late Sri. N.Ananthachar moved to Bangalore from Mysore after marriage with her in search of job. Sri Ananthachar's father was a teacher and financially was not very well off. On arriving at Bangalore,Sri Ananthachar did some odd jobs at Government offices, taught at some private schools, and gave tuition to children before losing hope of finding a suitable teaching job. However he didn't lose his spirit and started selling vegetables  which needed very little capital, at a shop by the side of the present day Vidyarthi Bhavan in Gandhi Bazaar. But even in this work his systematic approach and sincerity were evident. Even today one hardly sees a board at a vegetable shop, whereas he had put up a board as shown below outside his shop even at that time – may be in 1932-33!

                                                                          ACHARYA & CO

Dealer, Suppliers and Contractors of High Class Fruits and Vegetables and Commission Agents, IV CROSS ROAD, Basavanagudi – Bangalore City.

                                                                           Fresh suppliers                        
                                                                          Weight accurate
                                                                          Charges Moderate
                                                                          Proper Attention

                                      Prop.                          N.Ananthachar M.A.

And in all these endeavors smt. Narmada Bai stood by him, accepting the life as it came. But as destiny would have it, Sri. N.Ananthachar had some distinguishing customers at his vegetable shop. Prominent among them being Divan Madhava Rao, Sir.M.Vishweshwaraiah, Sri.Garudachar, Sri.P.Kodanda Rao, Sri.N.S.Subbarao , Sri.B.P.Wadia, Sri.Thathachar and Sri.Navarathna Ramarao. They were all immensely impressed by the literary knowledge, intelligence, diligence  and sincerity of Sri.N.Ananthachar.

Though they respected his approach towards his work, they always felt that he should use his knowledge in a better way like teaching children. Even Ananthachar and his father had always dreamt of him being a professor, getting a government job and imparting knowledge to children.

Sri. N.S.Subbarao and Sri.Navarathna Ramarao, impressed by Sri.Ananthachar, introduced him to Sri.M.N.Krishnarao who, equally impressed, offered a gift of Rs.100 to upgrade his vegetable market.

APS School first batch
But Sri.Ananthachar had other plans. With this money and his own little savings he started a small school Acharya Pathshala at EAT street in Gandhi Bazaar with just three students. From then both husband and wife struggled day and night, spending every minute and every penny they had on this school. Later he shifted the school to the first floor of Basavanagudi Co-Operative society in Gandhi Bazaar. And finally with a lot of struggle he got the land from the Government in N.R.Colony to build a school. But there was a catch. The site was filled with big boulders and stones and trust Sri.Ananthachar to overcome every hurdle with ease and convert it to his advantage. The boulders were cut and dressed and were used to build the massive building and rest, as they say, is history. But it is commendable that in all his struggles and strifes, Narmada Bai stood by him, never ever complaining. In fact she considered all the employees and students of the schools as her own children and there were times when she gave away all here gold and jewelry to raise  funds to pay salary to the teachers!

Sri.Narasinga Rao once offered 5000 sft of land at Jayanagar, ( present Nanda theatre ) at just Rs. 1 per sft and Sri.Ananthachar was aghast at the very thought of making property for himself. Had he wished, he could have made a fortune for himself and his family with his hard earned money. But every penny he had was utilised for the noble cause of giving education to more and more children. And here Smt. Narmada Bai stands apart from the ordinary mortals because unlike a normal woman, she never craved for riches or property but worked shoulder to shoulder in building these mammoth educational institutions.

She stood by him when Sri.Ananthachar carved the stones to build the solid school building and accompanied him to Somanahalli, then almost a jungle, travelling with him everyday with small kids in her lap,cooked there and fed the family while her husband built the rural school, Polytechnic college. She was by his side when he built Sri Anantha Padmanabha temple in the campus. It is no mean achievement that all this was achieved in just about 40 years before she lost her husband, her pillar of strength.

Whereas one finds it extremely difficult to build a structure on a 30x40 site with all the money at one's disposal, it is no less than a miracle that from scratch late. Sri. N. Ananthachar and smt.Narmada Bai could achieve so much in life, gave their everything  to the society. A big salute to the great souls.

I would be happy if you share this with your friends and family as it can be a great motivation to the youngsters, who can see that if one has the determination, sincerity and the will power nothing can stop him and it is high time we told the society how these two selfless individuals strived to educate more and more children, sacrificing their personal pleasure and lived for the society.  

Saturday, 1 March 2014

When I got married to the son of a family with a dozen siblings, I was always asked, “ How could you agree to get married into such a big family?” Strangely, it  never has been or is an issue. Because I had my own conditions to my father before I agreed to an alliance – that the boy should be an Engineer ( But of course :-D ), that he should be tall and good looking and he should not be from North Karnataka, he should not be remotely connected to North Karnataka, infact he should not have even drank the water from North Karnataka ( With due apologies to “ಉತ್ತರ ಕರ್ನಾಟಕದ ಮಂದಿ ” )

Hello! Hold on before you call me racist. I am proud to be from North Karnataka, a region rich in culture and humanity, a region where people matter more than money, where people are strong, may be with rough lingo but with a soft inner nature belying their sort of ruffian demeanour. But ask any – ahem – beautiful girl born and brought up in North Karnataka region what she hates about her place and pat comes the reply – EVE TEASING.

It is so wild and rampant that those ruffians don't think twice before misbehaving with you even when you are with your parents, brother or even with your spouse. Even today I shudder thinking about their rowdyism and lecherous grin. So it was obvious that I make the above statement and on my wedding day my father complimented me with a wide grin “ ನೋಡಮ್ಮ ಉತ್ತರ ಕರ್ನಾಟಕದ ನೀರು ಕೂಡ ಕುಡಿಯದಿರೋ ಹುಡುಗನ ಜೊತೆ ಮದುವೆ ಮಾಡಿದೀನಿ ..."

And when I first met my would be mother-in-law, I was sort of bemused because she looked like yesteryear actress Leelavathi,  wearing silk saree, draping a shawl around her shoulder and strings and strings of gold adorning her neck. She always carries herself with dignity and grace and believe me, even now when she is about to celebrate her hundredth birthday, she is so conscious of her looks,presentation when she has visitors. It would be altogether an interesting and captivating account of my association with her for the past quarter century, which I hope to record here one day.
But for the present, my MIL is turning a centurion and its going to be a grand memorable event. Her family spread across the globe comprises of about 80 people of first circle – here I have not added her parents' or in-laws' family but only her children, grand children, great grandchildren, great great grandchildren – yes her grand daughter has a grandson now – and their spouses! Late N Ananthachar, my father-in-law has been respected and revered everywhere for being the founder of APS Educational Institutions, but there is no denying of this lady being behind that very successful man.  She is as much, if not more, as Sri. N. Ananthachar , responsible for building these huge philanthropic educational Institutions.

And we are having a whale of a time making preparations for the grand occasion. Who can deny the pleasure one has while going on shopping with one's husband's money to buy silk sarees? And accessories? And have tete-e-tete with food ordered from every possible eatery? OK OK we spent some of their money on buying them identical Ramaraj shirts as per their dress code – of course as decided by us :-D – And the grandchildren are not far behind. They too have their group – cousins – and are checking out different malls and eateries – making plans of their attires and the grand evening party at 1947 :-D
All the family members – all the 80 of them are hosts -to around 100 of the relatives of Late Sri N Ananthachar and Smt.Narmada Bai, to a traditional Homa and luncheon in the afternoon and a grand party in the evening.

What is the immediate upcoming event? A potluck party of youngsters at Anils' on Sunday, followed by a chats party – courtesy Amruthu – and a Mehendi on Friday, before the BIG DAY on March 9 th!

Keep watching this space for latest updates!!!

Sunday, 27 October 2013


Having lived in Bangalore for the past 25 years, I had missed Mysore Dussehra all these years. I always longed to visit, but somehow it never worked out. And at the back of my mind I was, may be worried about the crowd, rush and the heat. My husband would ask every year whether we can go and my reply would be always in the negative. Especially when the kids were young, I visited Mysore several times but never during Dussehra. I am sure they would have loved and enjoyed the festivities,but I would rather take them to palace and Zoo when the things were sober.

I had another issue. Because of our varying schedules and of both the children, we could not plan very well in advance and book the lodging. And once the planning was made, we could never get the accommodation. This happened for 3-4 years in succession.  Last year I had almost planned everything in advance but God up there disposed my plans and I had to spend the entire year running around the hospitals and finally going under the scissors myself.
Once I had made up my mind, but things were not turning out favourable,  it sort of became a challenge. I had to fight against all odds and make it this time. So I started very very well in advance and tried to book my office guest house in Feb itself but they were not yet ready and advised me to come back after 3 months. OK, on 1 St May I shot them another mail. No sir, that was also quite early and they asked me to get back after 2 months. When I tried to book in July and was advised to get back later, I saw red.

This has been the paradox. Either I would be too early or too late. But fortunately God had better plans for me this year. On the advice of my friend Sandhya and her son Samarth, I approached one service apartment just 10 days before Dussehra. You won't believe, I got a confirmation that 2 rooms were in fact available! This is called luck. Since last  2-3 years I have been  searching for home stay, service apartment and lodges during Dussehra but was never successful, and this year it was just a fortnight away from the festival and I was offered a best service on a platter!

Earlier I was always told that no such facilities are available in Mysore and you can find them only in Coorg district . So when I landed at Mysore with my family, I had a sense of apprehension whether my family would be happy with my choice. Believe you me, they were delighted.

The place we stayed was GOOD TOUCH serviced apartments, a building constructed just three months back and one can expect as much comfort here as at one's home. The building is ideally located at Gokulam third stage, a serene and peaceful locality, but not very far from the hub and happenings of the City. It is just 4 kilometres away from the Palace and 3 kilometres from the Railway station.

Being looked after by Mr. Ganapathy and his family, a courteous and friendly couple. the place can be a home away from home. They provide all the facilities like Wi-Fi, flat TVs, AC, car parking and a kitchen. The kitchen is worth mentioning because it is very well kept and is neat and tidy. They offer complimentary breakfast every morning, comprising regular South Indian delicacies with piping hot tea and coffee. And if you like to try your hand in cooking or would like to heat the food you have ordered, there is always oven and the gas stove.

The place is so calm and peaceful, you can spend hours sitting on the terrace. We had a splendid time going around the city, decorated like a bride, with colourful lights dazzling from each and every building. The palace with all lights was just heavenly. I am extremely happy that at last I could make my trip such a pleasant  and memorable one and wish to have another opportunity to visit this wonderful city soon!

Friday, 27 September 2013


Another part of South Indian palate is the Chutney Powder, a preparation which adds spice to the regular food. These powders go well not only with Rice and Chapati but also with Idli and Dosa. On a tiring day, while in a hurry, or just to add taste, these powders finely compliment the food and the taste.

Bele Chutney Powder  (  with dal ) 

This Chutney Powder is called “ Odakalu “ Chutney Powder in North Karnataka.

Preparation Time          :     30 Minutes

Ingredients           :

Groundnut seeds                                2  cups
Bengal Gram Dal                                1   cup
Urad Dal                                            ¼  cup
Grated dry coconut                             ½  cup
Tamarind                                           1  Table Spoon
Jaggery                                             1  Table Spoon
Byadagi Red chillie powder                  2  Table Spoon
Groundnut oil                                     1  Tea Spoon
Asafetida                                          1 pint
Salt to taste.

Instructions :

1. Roast over medium heat Groundnut seeds, Bengal Gram dal, Urad dal and grated coconut to golden brown.
2. Switch off the gas and in the hot kadai put the tamarind so that it is heated and turns crisp.
3. Let everything cool.
4. Grind to a coarse consistency the heated dal, Tamarind,Jaggery,Red chilly powder and salt.
5. In the kadai heat groundnut oil and add asafoetida and let it cool.
6. Then add the grounded mixture. 

Friday, 20 September 2013

Delicious Sweet - Maladi - with your left over chapatis and Rotis

Do you have a sweet tooth? Are you a person who gets a sudden urge to have some tasty sweet dish - that is homemade? Want to have a sweet, but don't want to work very hard? Do you feel like having sweet at home - a la mom's preparation, even though you can just walk across the road to get nice sweets?

If your answer is yes to any of the above - I bet you are nodding your head vigorously in affirmation :-D - then I am going to give you an easy recipe for a tasty, yummy and delicious sweet you can prepare in minutes. Hold it! There is a catch! You should have some left over chapatis or rotis! And you may ask - what if I don't have? Is that such a big issue? You can prepare now! 

But one thing is sure. Once you learn and prepare this sweet, next time you would not grumble when somebody at home skips breakfast or dinner and chapatis are leftover. Rather, you would take care to prepare extra chapatis secretly so that you can prepare this sweet with the leftovers. Ask me - I know :-D Whenever chapatis are left over in our home I have a secret smug smile on my face :-D   Shh...

Note :

If you don't have leftover chapatis, this dish comes out well with chapatis that are prepared a few hours earlier. So on the occasions you want to prepare this sweet, take care to prepare chapatis well in advance. 

Preparation time              :       10 minutes

Cooking time                     :       10 minutes

Ingredients :

Chapatis                                   :  8

Pounded jaggery                        :  2 cups ( Depends on the sweetness you like )
Roasted and coarsely grounded
Groundnut seeds                        :          1 cup
Pure Ghee                                 :          2 tablespoon ( According to your taste you may increase)
Poppy seeds                              :          1 tablespoon
Elaichi powder                            :          1 teaspoon
Grated dry coconut powder           :          1 tablespoon
Cut and Roasted cashew ( optional )  :     1 tablespoon

Preparation :

  • With both your hands break and rub the chapatis/rotis into coarse powder.  ( This is the reason for taking old chapatis. If you use fresh chapatis, they will not break properly but become just pieces and not powder.)
  • Heat ghee in a thick bottomed kadai.
  • Add pounded jaggery. ( Soft jaggery called Unde Bella tastes better) 
  • Keep stirring till the jaggery melts and turn off the gas.
  • Add Poppy seed, Cashew nuts, Elaichi powder, coconut powder and mix well.
  • Add the crushed chapati powder and mix well.
  • Roll into small balls and serve with ghee.

Happy Cooking :-D

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Swarna Gowri Wrath
This is one festival which is very close to my heart. Why? May be because I am from North Karnataka and back there we didn't have this Wrath. And then a quarter century back I got married into the APS family. A big joint family full of cultural events and festivities.

Although everybody lived separately, festivals used to be always joint and fun filled events. There used to be around 20-25 elders and a dozen youngsters. Everybody used to chip in their contributions in everything.

The preparations used to start very well in advance and always there used to be a sense of celebration and camaraderie. It used to be time for decorations, rangolis, delicacies, exchange of gifts and the children always used to wait eagerly for these festivals as there used to be bounty of gifts and money.

In front of the deity decorated with flowers, diyas, buntings and et all we 15 to 20 ladies would sit in semi circle with our plates filled with flowers, fruits and incense sticks and do the puja under the guidance of my brother-in-law with the shlokas and mantras reverberating through the big hall and then exchange gifts.
Thankfully not only for this festival but for every other festival my mother-in-law would arrange for cooks who would arrive right early in the morning and prepare coffee, breakfast and sumptuous lunch. Lunch used to be a big event with around fifty of us sitting together with plantain leaves spread across the length and breath of the house.
To loud laughter and guffaws, songs and dance, there never used to be any objection from any elders and the cooks as they will also join in the fun. Just after lunch, there would be discussion on the new Sale happening in the city. As is the situation today, there used to be so many exhibitions and sales and in the afternoon, it used to be a trip around the city. After all we had to put to good use all the money we would have received during the day!

With the children growing up and moving out, the festivities have become sober and quite, but still I enjoy making preparations and celebrating this festival. 
What is the speciality of this year? Here it is... The Arati plate I designed and decorated with kundans, painting and flowers and yes, pots filled with home grown flowers from my terrace garden!

But of course, Bele Obbattu ( sweet chapati) with loads of desi ghee and hot milk :-)

Happy Gowri Ganesha :-)

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Snacks - Instant Delicious Chakli
Chakli... The name rings instant delight. There are hundreds of recipes for chakli. This snack is a must for every south Indian home - both during functions and celebrations and also on daily snacks platter.

I love chaklis. They are easy to make,children love them and they can be prepared instantly and savoured for many days. I have tried different recipes for chaklis, some instant and some requiring days of preparation. But there are no two opinions regarding which chaklis taste authentic - the ones which are prepared using urad dal.

Urad dal gives that distinct aroma, delicious taste to chakli. But let us admit, grandma's  recipe for this authentic chakli, no doubt is numero uno, but the preparation time and the procedures involved need way too long time and energy, which is very scarce nowadays.

So when my colleague Radha brought delicious chaklis made from urad dal and informed that they are instant chaklis, I was all ears for its recipe. Thanks to her wonderful recipe, I could prepare these chaklis within half an hour for Gokulashtami and am sure Lord Krishna was also damn pleased and has blessed me to learn many more such things and share them with Him and you guys :-)

These crisp golden brown and delicious chaklis earned me brownie points from my daughter and hubby and boy, was I delighted! It was like icing on the cake.The pleasure  of cooking manifolds when a connoisseur appreciates it and when you get a little pat on the back and of course a big smile :-D

So want to try this wonderful recipe? Don't worry, there is no fear of it getting spoiled or getting it wrong, and it can be prepared within minutes using the ingredients available at home. Ok ok...The introduction was a bit long. And you want the recipe... Here you go:-)

Prerparation time :    5 minutes
Cooking time       :    30 minutes

Ingredients :

Urad dal                     1 cup
Rice flour                   4 cups
Jeera                         2 tbsp
Til                             2 tbsp
Hing                          1/2 tsp
Oil for frying
Salt to taste

Preparation :

Wash and cook urad dal in cooker for 5 whistles and let it cool.
Mix all other ingredients in a bowl along with two teaspoons of heated oil.
Grind the cooked urad dal in mixie and add to the above.
Knead well adding water if required.
Heat oil in a thick bottomed kadai.
Roll chaklis with chakli maker on a paper.
Fry over low oil till they turn golden brown.

Your crispy chaklis are ready. Don't forget to give me feedback after you eat them :-) Happy Cooking :-D

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Mars V/S Venus

My head is bursting after watching the movie last night. Not just the missing sleep but watching the dumb emotional senti film to please my girl friend has been so irritating. Man! How can one sit three hours and watch those aunties howl and cry? I have made up my mind. I would tell my girl friend I won't tolerate such nonsense not just in movies and TVs but in real life too. Aww common, death is such a natural thing, being poor is not such a big deal, why should these girls always think as if the world is on their shoulders! I hate girls!

Let me get off with my buddies. I will just escape for the day with the boys and hit the road. I want to get some dating advice too. God I don't wanna miss my fun. My friends are leaving in an hour and I have made plans with them.

Oh damn! Where is my backpack? Gosh! I have left it at aunty's last week and forgot. Now what? I wanted to buy a new one, Dad has given me the money, but yaar, where is the time? What the heck! I will borrow from sis. Hope she doesn't create a scene, crying and all that. I hate these fussy females. Let her carry some other bag to school. Kya farak padta hai?

First let me tell my friends to wait for me, else I will be stuck with these dumb boring feelings and headache. Oh Mom! Have you seen my charger? No Mom, my cell is not charged, I can't find the damn charger. Did you come to my room? Did you try to clean up my room? Mom how many times have I told you not to touch anything here. If you clean up I can't find my things. What? You have not come? Then where the hell did the charger go? How am I gonna call my friends?

Dad, can I borrow your car? Dad ??? Mom, where is Dad? Oh what happened Dad? Having cold? Mom, after you finish giving massage to Dad will you check where my charger is? And Dad since you are not feeling well can I take your car? What? No petrol in the car? You forgot? Oh man, how could he be so irresponsible?

Me? Go to pharmacy now? No way mom. My friends would be waiting and I am already late. Mom why don't you go? OK you finish the massage and after preparing breakfast you will be free whole day no? Don't bother me on the only Sunday I have. When should I enjoy? And what about my breakfast? Mom I am starving!

Oh yes, I forgot. Mom my friend Vijay's parents have gone to their native and he would be joining us for lunch and even veeru may drop in. They love your Biriyani Mom. Make it hot and spicy. What? OK Mom, for Dad, you prepare Dal Chawal, but for me you must prepare Biryani. And yes make Egg curry too. No Mom, don't tell me to go shopping for eggs NOW! Where is sis? Ask her to bring.

Has she gone for Dance classes? OMG, I could have borrowed her bike. Oh here she is. Sis, I wanna take your bike today. No yaar, I am taking it. You go by bus.Oh yeah? Common, heaven is not going to fall if you miss tuition for a day. Or call some stupid girl from your class.

Now what Mom? people won't allow me one minute of peace. Why is everybody so fussy? Dad wants money from ATM? And I should bring petrol for his car too? And get medicine? Oh c'mon Mom, he is just having cold and cough. You work both at office and home even when you are running temperature. You get your own medicine. In fact you get cured even without medicine. I don't remember when you were sick last time. You have given Dad massage, arranged for him to take steam, made kashaya and what else? Don't make fuss Mom, he will be alright. Gawd How I hate these senti women!

Sis, come here, Mom and Dad want some help. Kiddo, go and do it. By the way before you start with them just help me to find my charger. I know, I know it will be in my room, but I can't find it man. I don't know where the hell that damn thing has fallen. Eh, be careful with my laptop and tab, I am on Facebook, don't let it get disconnected. And sweety, can you just make Maggi for me. I can't wait till Mom gets done with Dad's work. Oh yeah add some veggies too. Hey don't overcook it. I don't want to eat soggy Maggie haha...

I hope my girlfriend won't call me today. Just because her internship starts tomorrow, she expects me to help her with her things, drop her to her office. Gosh these girls! They are so damn dependent. Why don't these stupid girls be independent and learn to do things themselves. But yaar, I should handle her carefully. I don't want that silly girl getting senti and all and crying and creating a scene. Why these girls are not like we boys?

Hey sis, make it fast. I am starving. No I can't eat on the way. There is no Mcdi on the way and I don't want to eat that stupid idly there. Where is my wallet Mom? Mom I want five hundred bucks. I know I know, don't start preaching. Oh don't bring “See your sis” and all that Mom.

OH gawd! Why did he create this feminine species? They are so fussy, senti and dependent. Thank God we are not like that!!!

Friday, 16 August 2013

POGO-MY-PUG plays with balooon.....