Sunday, 25 January 2015

Watcha doin, Girls???

Whatcha doin girls?

Hello! Watcha doin girls??

Girls!! Whatcha doin???Why nobody ain't tellin me nothin :-(

Why are you jumpin?

Hey! Watch it!!
Gawd!! You almost stamped on me!!

Girls! I am askin you!!

What are they doin in Our home, Rashmi?!?

Mom! What are they doin?

Nobody tells me nothin :-(

Mom! They are making so much noise :-|

Lemme sleep.  Fur gawd's sake..
Pleeeaaase.. I can't sleep....

 Mom,me hungry.

And what's this?You have bought so many things, and nobody shows me nothin...
Why so many peeeeple at home?Why so much noise??Pleeese mom,me hungry :-(

Wait! Lemme see



Yuk! Only fruits.
 No eggs???

     No dad!

    No, I am not           touchin!!

       Me doin                 nothin!!!

 ( And nobody doin nothin !!! )

And nobody tells me nothin!!!

Whats goin 

I am also part of the family ......

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

How I met her .......

 My marriage was sort of a whirlwind trip. I was working at Gulbarga, our native place and my father had come to Bangalore dairy on deputation from revenue department. And I came to visit him.This was way back in 1987.
And let me deviate a bit here to tell what Bangalore meant to us, for people born and brought up in small towns of North Karnataka. Nowadays with MOM and mobiles, Facebook and Whats App, the world has got truncated into a small place and you have access and connectivity to anybody from any place in the world. Living in any place in the globe is no big deal now. But back then for us Bangalore meant BANGALORE! A big dream all of us had was that at least once in life we should visit Bangalore! 

Some rich and well pocketed among us would visit Bangalore and show us small black and white photos, boasting about the places they had visited and the people they had met. And for most of the honeymooners, Bangalore was THE PLACE. When they showed us their photos in Cubbon Park, rubbing shoulders with actors like Rajkumar, Manjula, Vishnuvardhan, Srinath and Aarathi, as most of the films back then were being shot there, we would turn starry eyed and look at our friends with awe and admiration!
And then I met Prakash on 28 th of April, got engaged on 7 th of May and married on June 3 rd and got Bangalored! And my children became “ Bengaluru Mandi ”,  articulate, suave and sophisticated. When they crossed their teens, I would jovially ask them what their preferences would be, what they would want in their spouses - whether beauty, brain or wealth and man, they belong to the Gen Y and of course are “Bengaluru Mandi” – and would say “ But of course all!” Touch wood! I am seeing their dreams materializing and have no complaints, though I clearly remember turning high handed and preach them that you can't expect to get all and though you want ten on ten, you may have to be satisfied and settle for a seven or eight on ten!
My husband Prakash is a fun loving and jovial person. Enough if I quote Joanne Woodward : “Sexiness wears thin after a while, but getting married to a man who can make you laugh all the while, Ah! that would be the real treat!” And this trait of him is infectious and has rubbed on our children also. There will be always fun filled, witty and jovial comments and repartee at home and I cherish these moments more than anything else in my life.
And  when I started looking for a bride for my son, secretly I prayed to God that the girl should bring more laughter into our life and should be positive and fun loving and has a nature that blends with the family.

Thanks to my sister-in-law Manjula, Sumana, my would be daughter-in-law came to our home, into our life. On the very first visit, she was friendly, bubbly and without any airs about her. After meeting her, I suggested that both Nikhil and she can have a talk alone. And hardly a few minutes had passed - they were in fact meeting for the first time - and I heard both of them giggling like long lost friends! I was pleasantly surprised and could hardly wait till the girl and her parents  left to ask for the reason.
As it turned out, Sumana is born on 1 st of April. When she told her date of birth, Nikhil could not hide his amusement and she also started laughing. And then she narrated how, during her birth, when her father telephoned all the family members that a girl was born, everybody thought he is making them a fool and nobody came to visit them in the hospital! This helped to thaw the ice and once they started laughing at the funny situation, they realised that both of them have funny bones and it is going to be one pleasant journey together!   

And once they decided to go ahead to tie the knot, I told Sumana, the best thing I like about her is her positive bubbly nature and the quality to laugh in, at and about everything in life. Amen!

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Sulagna Savadhana...


It is Sankramana Kaala, that period of time in my life where children have grown up,capable of taking care of their future and shaping their lives. My son Nikhil is getting engaged on February 1 st and the marriage is scheduled on 16 th of August 2015.

And it is a golden opportunity to record the events, preserve them for posterity and share with friends and families across the globe. I wish and also know for sure that I will have my friends and family in attendance to share the celebrities on the day D Day. When you are the host, you miss so many things during the event and only by watching the videos later you will be able to reconstruct the event.

But this can be compensated and I have other reasons to smile. Because I feel, more than the event and celebrations, the anticipation and the excitement and the build up to the event and the preparations have their own charisma. The thrills, frills, shopping, makeup, dressing, mehendi... the list is endless. There will be funny, mirthful and interesting incidents that bring smile, a tear, a guffaw and at times even nostalgic memories. I am going to share all these and much more with you all through my blog. Stay connected. I know you don't want to miss on anything...

Here we go !!!   

Boy Meets the Girl ............................
Families ................

.............. and  Pogo
................. meet the girl.........
Wish Anna and Amma.... You were here ..........

Chats party at home..............
Outing to Sangama................
Engagement Venue ...............     Hotel Jayamahal Palace........
Shopping begins at Chickpet ......
With selfies ...............

Want to meet the Bride .........?????

Keep watching this space .................



Monday, 18 August 2014

Its All about Money, Honey....

Childhood memories are so vivid and blissful! Especially there are some instances and incidents which remain with us and their memories are so bright and clear as if they happened just yesterday. Be it pleasant or otherwise, they will always remain with us, sometimes haunting  and yet most of the times making us nostalgic.

Like the first time I got my slippers. They were bright cotton candy pink
plastic slippers. They were very rough and used to make some sound when I walked, and boy was I proud of them!

Unlike these days when we buy booties for the just born, I must have been at least 5 or 6 years old when I had my first slippers. Come to think of it, when we could have easily afforded, why did the parents then delayed in making such purchases? Was it really money that mattered or the materialistic matters were intentionally delayed??

As far as I can remember, we had no dearth of money in maintaining a decent life, eating variety of foods and celebrating all the festivals. My father was a civil servant and was in a relatively good post. It is difficult to comprehend, but there were times when I remember eating everything I wanted and buying ribbons and toys and peppermints and generally feeling well off, but still there were times when I used to wish we could be rich and had more money. Like this time when I used to visit my friends and neighbors Manjula and Umas' house. In the mind of a 5 year old, they were considered to be rich. Why? Because, unlike us they could eat one orange each!  And the biggest royalty was they were eating Dates!

Yes, you read it right. While on Shivaratri day, we being Vaishnavites ate special food, they were Shivaites and fasted on that day. One Shivaratri, I saw them eating Dates and boy was I jealous! At that time Dates were beyond my reach and I would think, when I grow up and have lots of money, first thing I would buy would be loads and loads of Dates!

Even today you can win me over with a box of fresh soft Dates. Like this friend of my husband Prakash, Mr. Abdul Basheer other day gifted us a box full of fresh soft Dates straight from Mecca on Ramzan! While he was fasting, I was here feasting on Dates! The fresh Dates from Mecca were so soft and delicious, I was dragging myself forcibly away from the box every time I went to eat one. No one can eat just one!

And there is a great lesson we can learn from the Dates. When they are new, they are fresh and  juicy and a great treat, but with the passage of time, unlike any other fruit in the world, they don't get spoiled or don't degenerate, and their quality remains the same. Just like humans, they may wreathe with age, they may mellow but they retain their quality and sweetness. There is no need of any preservatives, in fact they turn out to be wonderful dry fruits!

Regarding our parents, had they minded, they could have afforded to get us more. But by not over spending and indulging, they were being more pragmatic in teaching us the value of money and not indulge in consumerism.
Anyways, those old habits die hard. Even now when things are easily affordable, I think twice and ponder whether I really need things and take care that I do not splurge money and seen to it that my children also appreciate the value of hard earned money.

When I was studying in PU college, it was a fashion and a craze to bring vanity bag to the college. It would cost all of twenty five rupees, an astronomical price for a bag to bring books to college! We were living in Gulbarga and one of my friends' father had bought one for her from Bangalore. Then I would plan, OK when I grow up and earn, with my third  salary, I would buy one such bag.

The first salary, ofcourse was reserved for Dates, the second was meant for buying books. Yes, that is right. That was another big dream. I badly wanted to finish my studies, start earning so that I could buy loads and loads of books and novels from the shop in front of my house.

All the three big dreams are more than fulfilled now but the fact remains that deep inside, the habits, the caution seeded by my father still holds its place in my mind. After my son started earning, one day while we were returning from some outing, he informed that it was Mothers' Day and offered to buy me some gifts and stopped the car in front of a clothes shop.

I went inside happily with his card, purchased to my heart's content and came out. As the situations would have it, owing to weight gain, I had stopped wearing Chudidars.But unfortunately my husband had earlier been hospitalised and underwent surgery. The situation had turned difficult and at short notices, I was forced to pack some clothes and rush to hospitals to be with him.

Staying at hospitals, packing and changing frequently was turning out to be quite taxing, and while I was purchasing clothes all these things were uppermost in my mind, So I had purchased three sets of cotton comfortable chudidars, all for about Rs.1500 and came out beaming.
Reality dawn to me when my son looked at the bill and exclaimed “ Is that all? You purchased for just 1500 rupees?” My father's first salary was 4 Rupees, mine was 400 Rupees and my son's was 40000 Rupees, but the pleasure I had with every first purchase remains incomparable and  special.

Yesterday I was in for a big surprise – nay shock. My son had been to Pondicherry with his friends and on his return handed me a cover. It contained a HIDESIGN bag – a branded one – for me.A gift from anyone is always an indication that you are in their thoughts and their heart – but when your children give you gifts, it holds a special place of pride in your heart.
Then I opened the cover, was delighted to see the bag and then I looked at the price tag. I looked and looked and looked – it was from the factory outlet at 50% discount and the discounted price was 4000 Rupees! And my son nonchalantly explained that in open market it would cost around 8000 Rupees. 8000 Rupees for MY bag!?! I am still in a state of shock !!!