Thursday, 1 March 2012

Recipes for Kids

Here I have given four recipes for your little darlings :
  • One main course - vegetable frankie - which children love and we are happy because they will be eating a variety of healthy vegetables. 
  • One Sweet : Remember, this hesarittu unde is THE BEST brain tonic. Give one to your child everyday and I bet he/she will score 100 in maths. I myself and both my children are proofs of this!  
  • One chat - Masala kadlepuri (puffed rice) - I am sure this is one chat you would love to give to your child and also fight to share.
  • One dessert - Double ka meetha - This deliciously rich dessert used to be  the favorite of  all the Nawabs. I bet you would be tempted to gobble but remember its richness and calories !
                                DOUBLE KA MEETHA

Ingredients :