Saturday, 16 June 2018

My dog Pogo on Skype with my daughter
Ever since he had entered our home on 11.11.11, Pogo my pug had been the darling of the family. Whenever we look at him, involuntarily a smile appears on our face. Whenever he sees us, be it even after a gap of just five minutes, he wags his tail happily, looking at us adoringly with his round brown eyes.
He is just our shadow. Never for a moment he prefers to stay, play or sleep alone. That feeling of companionship he gives to us is a great stress buster.
As dependant as he appears to be on us, he had never been a bother when we have to go out of the house for long spells and leave him alone. 

Of course he looks forlornly at us from the window pulling out heartstrings but he never complains. He is such a smart guy that from whichever part of the home he may be and at whatever time, the moment the door lock opens he will be there, either to receive or ready to come out with us.
Even if we go out for a minute on any small errands,he loves to accompany us. But when we have to leave him while going out, the trick is to tell him that we are going out for five minutes. The moment he hears the word five minutes, he understands that he is not invited and stops in his track.
The incident that I'm going to show now called for this brief introduction!

Rashmi had been the US on a month long trip in 2015. Closely as he is attached to her, he was missing her a lot. Whenever we uttered her name, his ears would straighten and he would look around expectantly. Of course, she also missed him a lot and one day decided to have a Skype call with him.
And here comes the video of their adorable interaction. Pogo was thrilled hearing her voice and started searching for her at every corner of the laptop as she spoke with him, finally scolding her for hiding!
Look at this beautiful interaction that touches your heart.
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