Saturday, 8 December 2018

Amla Murabba - Nellikai Gulamba
Indian Gooseberry (Amla) is rich with health benefits. A great source of vitamin C, these fruits are used to make a variety of dishes as their nutritional value has been very well established. The health benefits of Amla or Nellikai are many :

  • Amla boosts Immunity
  • Controls Diabetes
  • Aids in Digestion
  • Prevents Heart Diseases
  • Prevents Hair loss and premature greying
  • Anti-aging Agent
  • Helps in improving the vision
  • Boosts Liver Health
  • Anticancer Properties
  • Improves Metabolic Activity
  • Treats Menstrual Cramps
  • Relieves Diarrhea & Dysentery
  • Improves Appetite...

The list goes on and on...

Today I am sharing with you a simple recipe for a very very tasty Amla Murabba or Nellikai Gulamba.
It can be preserved without refrigeration for many months.

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The Murabba tastes great with chapati, pooris, rotis, bread and dosas. Having a spoon full of Amla Murabba in the morning is your insurance against many a diseases.

Preparation Time 30 minutes
Cooking Time       45 minutes

Ingredients :

Grated Amla 4 cups
Sugar 4 1/2 cups
Elaichi powder 1 tablespoon
Water to make sugar syrup

The recipe video is shared here :

Procedure :

  • Thinly grate the amlas.
  • Cook the grated amlas by placing in a bowl in a cooker without adding any water upto 2 whistles.
  • In a thick bottomed kadai, mix the sugar and water well and let the sugar dissolve completely on low heat.
  • Keep stirring it continuously so that it doesn't get burnt.
  • Thus stirring continuously, make a thick syrup - " ele paaka".
  • Now add the grated and cooked amla to the syrup and continue to boil it.
  • Keep stirring.
  • In about 10 minutes, the Morabba starts thickening.
  • Now add the elaichi powder and mix well.
  • Check the consistency. It should be light and flow from the ladle.
  • Don't overcook it else it gets hardened.
  • Watch the video I have shared here to know exactly when it can be removed.
  • Let it cool and then store in an airtight jar.
  • The Gulamba tastes awesome when hot, when cold or even when it's a few months old!

Enjoy! Happy cooking.

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