Thursday, 28 March 2013

How to make Rasam more special? - The Art of Cooking Tip # 2

The Art of Cooking

Tip # 2

How to make Rasam?

Want to know the secret of that delightful taste of Rasam at weddings, Temples? 

While preparing the Rasam powder, keep the quantity of Jeera more and use Byadagi Menasinakai. And take care to grind it coarse so that the chilly flakes are visible. It is said that we first taste with our eyes and then with the tongue. Food that is delightful to watch never fails in its taste. 

Happy Cooking :-)

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

How to make Rasam Special? - The Art of Cooking - Tip # 1


Tip # 1

Have you wondered why somebody's Rasam always smelt, looked and tasted better? Here is the secret.

While preparing the Rasam, first mix tamarind juice with jaggery and water and let it boil. While boiling add some curry leaves, coriander leaves and boil some more. Later you add other ingredients. Be warned of neighbors peeping in to know the secret of that wonderful smell! Happy Cooking!

Happy Cooking :-)

Saaru ..The Rasam
Rasam! The quintessential part of the South Indian food has as many flavors as the people savoring them. Irrespective of the other dishes in the menu, Rasam holds its place of pride in every South Indian meal. Be it a regular daily staple food or the wedding lunch or the reception dinner, the South Indian meals can never be complete without delicious cups of Rasam. Come,let us check out the variety of the Rasams being prepared in South India.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

How to make Garam Masala Powder ?
The main place of pride in any South Indian food is held by Sambar and Rasam and since they are prepared almost everyday and go well with both rice as well as Roti or chapati,the garam masala used for them is generally prepared in a larger quantity and used over months by keeping them in airtight containers. Besides rice and Sambar, there are other South Indian delicacies like Ennegai Palya, Huggi and Vangi Bhaat for which Garam Masala can be prepared and stored - to use in need of a hurry or unexpected guests or even for that Sunday Special Lunch.Here are those recipes that add spice to your palate.

Monday, 18 March 2013

How to eat Healthy ?
The ancient Indian saints and sages have 
propagated the healthy way of cooking and eating. They have advocated the theory of eating solids like liquids and vice-e-versa. Wonder how? We should chew every bite slowly till it turns liquid and then swallow. This way the digestion process starts in the mouth itself and there is no possibility of overeating. It also prevents the body from accumulating the undigested food and thereby leading to obesity. If we gulp hastily or watch TV or read while eating again it may lead to overindulgence.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

I share this fascination for the bird in the sky, along with many other things with my late mother. Once when I was just a kid, I remember the plane arriving in Yeramarus near Raichur. It was, I vaguely remember, to facilitate the visit of the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi to Raichur. I ran along with my mother and her friends to the temporary makeshift aerodrome and was awestruck by the sheer beauty and the magnificence of the steel bird.Though we were not allowed to get in, I think the elders  managed to have a dekko at the inside.

Vroom!!! That sound and the sight of the airplane blazing through the blue sky never ceases to fascinate me. Having born and brought up in small town Raichur,sighting the airplane was always a rarity. Hyderabad Karnataka area has remained the same even after decades with inadequate infrastructure and inclement weather.