Tuesday, 11 December 2018

O....My.... Dawg.......
"Gandananna oorige kalisi" - After packing my husband for a sojourn, I had thought I will have some me time today. But this fella had some other plans.

He had not eaten since morning. He kept coming to the kitchen every hour and every time I take out his bowl, he vanishes.
Then at 10 o'clock in the night he comes to the kitchen with wide pleading eyes. I give him food, he eats. I give him milk, he drinks. Then again comes to the kitchen. I follow him and he demands chewstick. Fine. Everything over and I settle to watch Bigg Boss.

Within 10 minutes, there is some odd sound in the room. Alarmed, I look down and he has vomited everywhere. I clean it for 15 minutes and sit to watch TV.

After 10 minutes, he runs out of the room and I run after him. He is nowhere to be seen. After peeping into the darkness below the staircase, I see him hiding, making faces. I grab a newspaper and drag him out. After coaxing for 10 minutes, he throws up on the newspaper.

Again I clean, wash my hands and come to the room. Lo! He is missing again.
I rush to the staircase and no, he is not there. I search in the room, no luck. I call him and there is no sound.

I go upstairs and he is sleeping in a suitcase. I call him and he refuses to come. OK. I come down, enough of TV, I open the mobile and within five minutes he comes and sits on the cot and starts staring at me. I ask him to sleep. No. I pull him to get him sleep and he pulls back. I try to ignore him and he keeps staring till I give him full attention.

OK. Some tummy rub, some coaxing and cajoling and he acts as if he is sleeping. I also decide to sleep and now he wants to come inside my blanket. Ok.
No now he wants to go out of it.

And now again he has run out of the room and there is some sound coming from below the staircase...

There is some action replay. Sleepy eyed, I clean up everything and come to my room. Thank God he is in the room. Now I stare at him and he stares back. An indication that it is over and he is feeling confident.

I give him a hug and since the entire bed is free and also since it is a winter night, I put him on the bed, kiss him good night, cover him snugly in the sheets,  and pull my blanket over my head. God, let me catch at least a few hours' sleep...

Barely have I dozed off, I feel a wet nose over my nose......

If you want someone to love you unconditionally forever, then buy a dog. No matter how you are feeling, a little dog is gonna love you.
I have a biggest regret after having a dog...
Dogs' lives are too short...
Their only fault. Really.