Wednesday, 23 November 2011


I think that best living thing on this earth is Dog. I had always heard and read that having and taking care of a pet is a real stress buster. But after bringing up two children, I was very apprehensive to bring home a young one. Children pestered always and we always postponed. It went on for years. But when they grew up and Rashmi my daughter offered to take care and manage him fully and independently, there was no reason to refuse.May be the truth is that in our heart we also wanted a pet.

How to deal with examination pressure ?
I was both shocked and pained by the incident that happened in PESIT engineering college day before yesterday. An young life was cut short by the insensitivity of the teachers. If the teachers have really put pressure on the boy and thereby were instrumental in the kid taking this extreme step it is really unpardonable. How can you force anybody to exceed their limits?
It is one thing to encourage and motivate but totally wrong to put pressure. Common, if that were the case why are you not Bill Gates or Steve Jobs? Come to think of it both of them were actually school drop-outs and leave alone becoming like them, even to work in their company, anybody would give up his right hand !