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How to teach cooking to your children ? The Art of Cooking Tip # 6

“Mom! I am so hungry! What is special for dinner?”
“Yeah, I know. I have kept the cooker. Will do fresh Rice and Sambar.”
“Again rice and sambar? Mom why don't you prepare some snacks or special dishes?”
“Putta, even I am tired. I had prepared puris in the morning no? Now you eat rice.”
“Who wants to eat rice? If you are tired, you are preparing rice no? Instead prepare something special.” 
“Preparing rice is simple. Since morning I have been working at home and office. I am too exhausted. Please don't make fuss.”
“I won't make fuss if you prepare what I like. Else let us order some pizza.”
“ Just on Sunday, you have ordered Pizza. You know it is so unhealthy.”
“So what, at least it tastes better than your rice.”
“You are grown up. If you are so particular why don't you prepare something yourself?”
“Oh mom, I am so tired and you are asking me to prepare. All my friends have special dishes everyday, only you are like this.”
“Go ask your friends. At least I prepare fresh hot food in the evening too. In many houses they make only fresh rice and eat with the sambar prepared in the morning.”

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

BMS College of Engineering

During the last week, Bangalore city, especially south has been abuzz with a flurry of activities from the students of BMS engineering college. It was that time of the year which not only students from  BMS and other engineering colleges of the city,but across the country would be waiting with great anticipation and bated breath. Sports,technical and cultural extravaganza lasts for three days and has been adjudged The Best college fest of the state.

With a daughter who is a student, an alumni son and husband who is both an alumni and a professor at BMS college of Engineering, it is like a family event and had always pulled me along.

Friday, 19 April 2013

Shri Ramanavami and My First School .....

Shri Rama Navami.... The festival evokes so many fond memories of early childhood. The earliest memory of the festival was way back in the sixties when I must be barely five years old. How strange life is and how wonderful games our memory plays. We may not be able to recall what we did a 
month's, a week's or even a day's back. But certain events, incidents are so vivid in our memory that like a marquee they roll in front of our eyes as if they are happening today!

On Ramanavami evening amma would dress us and we would run along with her to ShriRama temple on Gubbera Betta in Raichur. Come to think of it – why was it called Gubbera betta? What does it mean? Then we never bothered and now it doesn't matter! I was about four years old then and we left Raichur when I was maybe eight years old and subsequently have never visited that place. But I can recall the street, road, trees, flowers as if it happened yesterday. Childhood memories!

From our house through a narrow lane we would go via “Gowdara Kamanu"  an arch in front of a cluster of houses belonging obviously to some gowda. After passing Narasimha devara gudi we would go through a road leading to amma's tailoring class which had a big kenda sampige tree. The petals of the Kenda sampige would make a golden bed with strong vibrant scent everywhere.
Incidentally amma was learning tailoring and would buy meters of clothes and stitch dresses for we four sisters – exactly the same color, same design and none of us ever complained. In fact we used to be extremely thrilled to bother about such insignificant things like similarity of the dresses. Of course this situation lasted for maybe 5-6 years after which we would feel embarrassed to walk together in similar dresses once we grew up!

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Jolada Rotti and Ennegai Palya - The Art of Cooking Tip # 5

    How to make Jolada Rotti and Ennegai Palya ?

Jolada Rotti and Ennegai palya ..... Just the name makes one's mouth water. The most healthy and delicious dish from North Karnataka everybody loves to eat but either scared or not able to prepare.

The Jolada Rotti or Bhakri as it is called in North karnataka is considered difficult to prepare because unlike chapati or phulka, it cannot be rolled easily and added to it, the jowar flour lacks gluten,the reason behind the sticky quality of wheat flour. So it has to be spread out hitting with hands. Here is the secret of preparing bisi bisi Bhakri with ease.

Ingredients :

Jolada Hittu ( Jowar Flour )     4 cups
Hot Water

Prep Time      : 10 Minutes
Cooking Time : 20 Minutes

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The Art of Cooking Tip # 4 How to cook vegetables crunchy and colourful?

                             The Art of Cooking 
Tip # 4

How to cook vegetables crunchy and colourful?

Love those colourful, crunchy beans,carrots and capsicum in your noodles and fried rice? Ever wondered how they are cooked and yet are colourful and crisp? 
It is called blanching.The vegetables in certain dishes like fried rice should not be overcooked and should retain their colour. 

Here is how to do it.
  • Cut the vegetables.
  • In a vessel heat the water,bring to boil and turn off the stove.
  • Pour in the cut vegetables and salt to taste and close the lid.
  • After 5-10 minutes ( depending on the quantity of vegetables ), pour the vegetables in a sieve.
  • Hold them under running cold water for a few minutes.
  • Put the sieve on a vessel so that the water is fully drained.
  • Now your crispy veggies are ready.
Eat healthy.

Happy Cooking :-)

Friday, 5 April 2013

How to make chapatis soft - The Art of Cooking Tip # 3

The Art of Cooking 
Tip # 3
How to make soft chapatis


How to make Chapati which has many layers and is so soft that you can eat it by making pieces with just three fingers? Here are the tips.
  • Prepare the atta at least half an hour before you prepare the chapatis. The more the merrier.
  • Knead the atta well with both hands at least for 5-6 minutes.
  • While rolling each chapati, first roll into a circle, apply some oil and dry atta powder and fold, and then    again apply some more oil and atta and fold into a triangle.
  • We generally apply oil but if we add dry atta, it helps in turning the chapatis into multiple layers.
  • Always cook chapatis on high heat taking care to change the sides.
  • Put the cooked chapatis in the vessel in such a way that the hot and fresh one always goes below the earlier chapatis.
  • Serve hot with mixed vegetable curry, stuffed brinjal curry or vegetable makhanwala.
Happy Cooking :-)