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Life ! It is so beautiful yet enigmatic. There are ups and downs, there are smiles and tears, there are mysteries and solutions and out there it is a universe , an ocean full of knowledge. It is so awe-inspiring, scary yet thrilling. A tiny smile emanating from the lips of an innocent child looking at the world with wonder filled eyes, a Parijata flower spreading its sublime and delicate fragrance for just one fraction of a second when I am offering it to the God touches my heart with abundant joy. I love everything about life – Arts, Science, Mathematics, Technology, Cooking, Programming, Astrology, Astronomy, Plants and Fauna, Friends and Family, my country and its rich culture with Vedas and Upanishads and wonderful Heritage!

I have been working in Life Insurance sector ( Life Insurance Corporation of India ) for the past 30 years as software programmer having been trained in Unix. Linux, Windows. Mysql and PHP, awk and shell programming. I am a mother of two and love cooking and writing. Through this blog, I want to communicate with the world about all I have learnt in the field of Insurance, Marketing, and Finance, Software, Gardening, my pet Dog  and Cooking. I have been practicing Yoga and Pranayama for the last 10 years and have learnt its nuances. Through this blog I want to share my tips on the Art of healthy Living and Healthy way of losing weight. 

And there is so much to learn and share! The entire internet, so enormous can just be a drop in this ocean of universal knowledge. I want to learn, enjoy and share as many aspects of LIFE as possible through this blog.Happy reading.

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