Sunday, 11 October 2015

It has been a very long time since I shared recipes in my blog. Pardon? Have I stopped cooking or enjoying it? Please!!! I was so busy and engrossed in cooking that I didn't have time to write and share it! Oh please. Do you see smirks on somebody's face? Ignore it. The look on those faces is because they have turned my apprentice now and they think they cook better than ME!!!
This post, in fact, is for the benefit of my students. For my children and their friends who have started experimenting with their cooking on themselves thanks to their postings away from their mothers. Mind you, it is obvious that they are very good in cooking from the photos and the stories they are sharing on Facebook and WhatsApp. So I thought let me make it easier for them to have multiple delightful dishes, snacks and meals from a single core component.

Kadale beejada ( Groundnut ) chatnipudi

Kadale beeja (Groundnut seeds)     2 big cups
Chana Dal                                     1 cup
Urad dal                                        3/4 cup
Grated dry coconut powder             1 cup
Tamarind                                       1 lemon size
Jaggery                                         3/4 lemon size
Red chilli powder                                         1 cup (Use only red chilli powder - It gives colour and won't be very hot)
Salt to taste.
  • Roast to golden brown all the above ingredients separately excluding Jaggery and salt.
  • You may peel the skin of the groundnut seeds, but in fact it's good for health and need not be abandoned.
  • Ground everything including Jaggery and salt to a slightly coarse powder.
Keep in an airtight container.