Sunday, 5 May 2019

Eat what you grow - Grow what you eat

You will feel healthy when you know that the food on your plate is grown by your own hands.
Absolutely no chemicals and no artificial flavors.
Your menu for the day is decided by your plants. 

Ridge gourd and other veggies sambar

Amaranthus - Dantina Soppu and Spinach harvested today.

Ridge gourd peel Chutney

Amaranth seeds getting ready for the next batch of sowing.

I would be busy, would be tired, but still when my plants keep calling, I can't resist. And then once I go upstairs thinking that it would be just a fleeting visit, but I always end up spending hours there.

They would be smiling at me offering fragrant flowers with heavenly scents, vying with each other to catch my attention, nodding happily when a caress them...

Nothing beats the happiness you feel when you are in the company of the plants and fauna. 💕💕

It takes just a few pots and a few minutes' work a day to eat your home grown greens at least once a week.

Have you started growing your own veggies yet???