Monday, 28 November 2011

Dogs' - Man's Best friend
Dog, the most faithful, devoted and loving animal on this earth gives the tips of a happy living :
  •  Atithi Devo Bhava  :  Invite your guests with a smile and enthusiasm
  • Never miss an apportunity to go for a walk. It improves your health!
  • While walking enjoy the cool breeze on your face and suck in the fresh air.
  • Be polite with your well-wishers.
  • If somebody occupies your domain you have every right to resist and protest.
  • Take a deep sleep, stretch our body afterwards, get refreshed and be active.
  • Attract people with your witty intelligence and endear yourself to everybody.
  • If a bark is sufficient then there is no need to bite.
  • If is it a sunny day, make full use of it by running in a garden in the grass.
  • Anger and fight should not lead to termination of friendship. Forgive and forget.
  • Eat with pleasure and stop when you are still a little hungry.
  • Be loyal and honest, don’t pretend.
  • Dig deeply till the truth comes out.
  • If your closed one is in distress, just sit by their side and express your empathy.
  • Till somebody gains your confidence, don’t entertain them or let them in. 

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