Friday, 19 October 2018

Organic Gardening Tips - Chapter 3

Organic gardening plants

Which all are the plants one can grow at home? If we have a big front yard or a backyard, then sky's the limit. We can grow anything and everything. But in cities the major constraint is the space, with a small or medium backyard, compound, balcony or terrace. But there is no need to lose heart. Even with a limited resources we can do wonders.

Infact I always feel that my limited resource has been my biggest advantage. It made me think out of the box, made me find an alternate medium to grow. Many of my friends and relatives who have big spaces in their compound envy my plants and my garden. 

That's because when you have such a big space where you have to grow in soil, you are forced to use that medium. One can't possibly fill entire stretch of one's compound with the organic manure. It's neither practical nor economical. And the biggest problem would be to dig and loosen the soil. However in the method of growing I have adopted, I can fill only bottom half of my pots with the organic manure and start growing and then go on adding the kitchen waste regularly which is economically the most viable alternative.

And what all vegetables one can grow organically in a small place? Are there big expenses involved in buying seeds and saplings? On the contrary. So far I have grown more than 25 varieties of vegetables and the cost involved is almost negligible. That's because most of the vegetables can be grown from the seeds available in our kitchen. Or from the seeds of the vegetables we buy from the market for our everyday usage. Or from the stems of the greens. And I have used only half of the terrace for gardening.

Even with a small space where we can keep around 10 pots we can start gardening. At least we can grow basic veggies like Mint, Ginger, Coriander, Chillies and of course greens like Methi, Basale, Spinach etc. In just one pot we can grow tomatoes that would suffice our daily needs.

But if we have space to keep around 25 to 50 pots, we can grow vegetables enough for our family. From the vegetables we get from market like avarekai, chapparadavare, potato, tomoto, chillies, seeme badane, pumpkin, capsicum, bittergourd we can grow vegetables. In fact this list can go on and on and we can eat the healthy organic vegetables from our garden round the year.

For flowers we may have to buy saplings or get some seeds and cuttings from your friends and neighbours. The flower saplings are available at a very reasonable price at nurseries in siddapura near Lalbagh. And then there are gardeners' groups where members exchange the info online and share and swap the seeds.These group members also have a meeting once a month to exchange ideas and also seeds.

Please watch the video I have shared above to have a look at my plants to have an idea of what can be grown in a very limited place with minimum resources.
Please share the video to help other gardeners and to help me reach more readers.

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