Wednesday, 8 May 2013

How to prepare crispy and light Avarekalu Rotti ? Art of Cooking Tip # 7
Avarekalu Rotti is prepared by one and sundry but it can be a delight to eat if the Roti is cooked light, crispy and golden brown. Then how to do it? Which are the points that make your rotti light and crisp??? 
  • Mix the dough in the hot water in which the avarekalu is cooked. Add extra water only if needed.
  • Press rotti thin and flatten evenly.
  • The rottis should always be cooked over high flame, taking care to rotate the kadai to see that it is not over cooked. If you cook over low flame, the rottis will turn hard.

Avarekalu is the most favoured vegetable and among the dishes prepared from Avarekalu, the Akki Rotti with avarekalu holds a place of pride. There is hardly anybody who can control the urge to fall in love or stop craving to eat Avarekalu Rotti.

And do you want the recipe? here it is.

Ingredients :

Rice flour                         2 cups
Grated coconut                 ½ cup
Avarekalu boiled with salt  1 cup
Crushed green chilli          1 tbs
Finely chopped coriander  2 tablespoon
Jeera                              1 tablespoon
Asafoetida                       1 teaspoon
Groundnut oil                  2 cups
Salt  if required as the salt is already added while cooking the avarekalu.
Those of you who love methi flavor can add some finely chopped methi leaves for taste.

Preparation :

Mix all the above ingredients, knead well and set aside for 5-10 minutes. Make small round balls, the size of orange.
Heat a thick bottomed kadai. Hold it upside down under running cold water till the heat evaporates.
Put in 4-5 spoons groundnut oil inside the kadai. 
Take one ball of dough, flatten in the kadai and press lightly around, spreading it evenly into a round roti. 
Press it as thin as possible.
Cook the rotti rotating kadai around to take care that rotti is cooked into golden brown all around. 
You will know that the roti is cooked perfectly when you can see the edges around turning into golden brown.
Serve hot with ennegai palya or mixed vegetable curry.

Happy Cooking :-)

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