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Computer programmer

                        Mathematics and Technology
                                                                       I was basically an arts student. Since my father was a government officer and was on constant transfers to rural areas, I had access only to govt or small colleges which forced me to take up available arts course. I didn't mind as I loved language and literature. But I also had a lot of inclination towards my favorite subject maths. But unfortunately in those days, it was either pure science or arts.
But my craze for maths and technology continued. I strongly consider maths to be the mother of all languages. And its beauty of having only one correct answer had always fascinated me. And for me it had another philosophical trait too. That if you follow the formulas, go in the right path and work correctly, you are sure to get your result right. How apt when we apply it to our lives!......
What is mysql and web hosting ?
So when I joined LIC of India [ life insurance ] and got a promotion as programmer, I was thrilled. Here was an opportunity to grow technically. And without mathematics there can be no software programming and no logic. Fortunately for me, our organisation made all out efforts to give us proper computer training.
We had regular training classes where we were taught about windows application, word, mysql and php. We were encouraged to learn web hosting and launch our branch web site. Soon after the training I rigorously studied further and was the first in the state and the zone to launch our website.
Unix, Linux and Networking
The life Insurance sector in India has always grown from strength to strength. Its USP has been to adapt and grow with the growth in the market and technology. The basic operating system has been unix and later shifted to linux. When the insurance market in India grew, we had the local area network [LAN] metro area network [MAN] and the wide area network[WAN]. It was during these transitions that we learnt about hubs, routers and network.
We have seen that during last decade India has become more and more computer savvy. With the opening up of the global marketing and privatization of economy and finance, the world is becoming more like a global village.
What is software and Hardware ?
And the biggest invention of the current century according to me is the computers and mobile phones. As the present generation of youngsters are more and more inclined to become software engineers and always talking in terms of server, hardware,what is the cloud, [what is cloud computing], it is but natural that these subjects are getting highest thrust. They are more interested in learning as to what is technology, what is a server and what is computer. Why not? From writing an article in a blog about chitranna to sleeping dogs and from the subject on how i did yoga and pranayama and lost weight to sunita williams spending time in space, nothing moves without the aid of computer and the software and hardware. When I became a programmer I had absolutely no idea as to what is a blog, what is software and even what is a computer or what is internet. But today I can rub shoulders with my software children and discuss all technical points and usages with them.
 What is Internet
It has become all the more pertinent in the present decade not only to become computer literate but computer savvy. And let me tell you that here I had the pleasure of learning what is close to my heart and get paid for it! Whenever I had to teach my staff the word, php and mysql programs, I used to encourage them that this is the easiest way of getting close to your children. Because you share the wavelength with your children only when you speak in their terminology and share an academic interest with them.
I never feel old or outdated compared to my children because age is no bar to learn and I keep myself constantly updated with latest on the technology and internet field. There was a time when I used to ask what is internet, what is blogging and how to blog. But with the continued use of internet now not only can we learn how to design a website but we have become aware that there are options of website for free hosting. Just by going to Google search and asking how to ....we get answers to all our queries.
 What is cloud computing ?
So when both my children opted for software engineering course, I welcomed it with a open arms. And the most rewarding feeling is when my son who was extremely interested in networking got a placement in a company which dealt with cloud computing services. And we all agree that we enjoy our jobs only when we are passionate about the work we are doing and the subject we are dealing with. Till he started working on networking and cloud computing, I was under the impression that cloud computing is referred to the network via satellites ! Later I realized that Cloud computing is referred to the use of computing resources ( both hardware and software) and which are delivered as a service over internet. The name is derived from the cloud-shaped symbol as an abstraction for the complex infrastructure it has in its system diagrams. Cloud computing enables remote services with a user's data, software and computation.
With the children growing up and moving about, I have observed that my sisters-in-law, and their spouses, who are in their late 70s who had never even seen desktops and laptops in their lives have started using them to communicate and interact with their children who are either studying or working abroad.
I may not be technically extraordinary when compared to the youngsters but for my age and my educational background I am extremely proud for what I have learnt and achieved and am extremely grateful to God Almighty that he has blessed me with the job I love, admire and cherish.

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