Wednesday, 6 June 2018

My sleeping Dog
Whenever my two children demanded for a pet dog, I had resisted. With both of us working, taking care of the children and managing the household work made us refuse to give in to the children's demand. But once the children grew up, with the son becoming a software engineer and the daughter also aspiring to get into the software field, our tensions and worries had reduced. And when the daughter assured me that she will take the full responsibility of the dog, I had no reason to refuse. For a few days there were discussions, arguments over the selection of the breed, selection of the name for the new arrival, about his food, bed, sleeping bag, with thrilled sounds of laughter and shrieks of disagreement. Ultimately it was decided that we will have a month year old pug.Thus POGO arrived at our home on 11.11.11. 

Neighbor's envy - owner's pride ! 

Within no time POGO became the darling of the house. Though  I am working in Life Insurance in India [ life insurance ] and hardly get time to indulge in computer, tv games and youtube, I always managed to find some time to spend with pogo. I would sacrifice my yoga, cut down my physical exercise, back exercise and stomach exercise as I thought the pleasure and activity that I had in pogo's company was more than making up the loss. Even my children would cut down their gym exercises and aerobic exercises. Everybody wanted the only form of activity [ exercise ] i.e.playing with pogo.

Dog Sleeping always

Now pogo has became an integral part of our family. He won our hearts and love with his cute antics, caring attitude and innocent and love filled eyes. He always elevates our moods and cheers us up! Since his arrival there has never been dearth of laughter and a dull moment in our lives.But what has been most amusing is his never ending sleep. At every given opportunity, he sleeps. Initially we all were worried. I even checked with the Google if there was anything wrong with him. When I searched Wikipedia I got no message. How is it possible? Has nobody is having this problem and why nobody has searched the net for this?Then I started more intensive analysis and realized and learnt from other pet owners that dog sleeping is a most natural phenomena. The dogs naturally need that much sleep. Even when their beds are not so comfortable, they won't mind sleeping, but when they get your lap or comfortable bed then nothing like it!

Sleeping beauty !

Seeing my worries, some friends suggested that we take our pug for walking and jogging to keep it active. But that made him all the more tired and sleepy. There were some free online coaching on how to train the dogs and keep them active. I had had a Back Pain Operation and in my rehab plan I could not do my weight loss exercises, or do my work or studies. The doctor had advised me to take utmost care in treatment of my back about food, water and exercises. So I channelized all my energy in keeping pogo active and healthy.Instead of sleeping in his presence I have started being very active, go on frequent small walks, take him to terrace to mend my little terrace garden etc. All the while he is with me in my activities, he also participates by sniffing at the pots, picking objects and balls and inviting me to play. This has in fact helped me alot in my rehab program. But whether his sleeping habits have changed? No sir, he will do everything, but the moment you turn your back or sleep, he will snore !

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