Thursday, 1 March 2012

Recipes for Kids

Here I have given four recipes for your little darlings :
  • One main course - vegetable frankie - which children love and we are happy because they will be eating a variety of healthy vegetables. 
  • One Sweet : Remember, this hesarittu unde is THE BEST brain tonic. Give one to your child everyday and I bet he/she will score 100 in maths. I myself and both my children are proofs of this!  
  • One chat - Masala kadlepuri (puffed rice) - I am sure this is one chat you would love to give to your child and also fight to share.
  • One dessert - Double ka meetha - This deliciously rich dessert used to be  the favorite of  all the Nawabs. I bet you would be tempted to gobble but remember its richness and calories !
                                DOUBLE KA MEETHA

Ingredients :

  About 8 white bread slices 
  1 small cup ghee
  3/4 cup sugar                                                

  1/4 cup water

  2  cups fresh cream
  200 gm khova

  1/2 tsp cardamom powder

  Few strands of safron
  1/2 cup mixed nuts  :  pistas, cashews, slices almonds cut and roasted in ghee.

   Preparation :
  • Cut the edges of the  bread and then slice  into quarters and in a pan toast them with ghee till they  are golden brown.
  • Prepare the sugar syrup by adding the sugar and water in a pan. 
  • Remove from heat and add the cardamom powder.
  • Mix khova and the milk and heat lightly till both are mixed well  and add saffron strands to it.
  • Arrange the bread slices in a serving bowl and pour the sugar syrup over it.
  • Now pour the fresh cream mixture over it.
  • Garnish it with fried nuts and saffron strands.

                           HESARITTU UNDE

   Ingredients :

   Green grams                              250gms
   Jaggery                                     100 gms
   Pure ghee                                  100 gms

  Praparation : 
  • Roast green grams till golden brown and grind them into a nice powder.
  • Pound jaggery to powder.
  • In a thick pan heat ghee and add jaggery and stir till jaggery melts. Take care not to overheat it.
  • Remove from the fire and mix green gram powder and stir well.
  • Now remove to a bowl, make round balls and serve.


Ingredients :

potato                                   2 Big size
capsicum                               2 Big size
carrot big                              2 Big size
red chilli powder                     1 tea spoon
garam masala powder             1 teaspoon
kasuri methi                           1 teaspoon
spinach                                  1 small bunch
american corn                        1 big cup
groundnut oil                         1 small cup
maida or atta                         200 gm
ghee                                     1 tablespoon
garlic ginger paste                 1 tea spoon
salt to taste 

For green chutney
In a mixie make a green chutney with pudina, green chillies, jeera, ginger, black pepper and salt.

Preparation :
  • Mix maida, a little oil and salt and make dough by adding  water and set aside for an hour.
  • Pressure  Cook Potato and american sweet corn.
  • Grate carrot and cut capsicum into longish pieces,
  • Finely chop spinach, wash and set aside.
  • In a thick bottomed kadai heat oil , add garlic ginger paste.  
  • Put spinach, carrot and capsicum and mix well. Don't overcook it. We want the vegetable to remain crisp.
  • Immediately add mashed potato, corns. 
  • Put in red chilli powder,garam masala powder, kasuri methi and salt and mix well. 
  • Remove from heat and let is cool.
  • Then take a lime size portions  and roll it in longish shapes. 
  • Roll rotis from maida, cook and set aside.
  • Then spread green chutney on a roti,  put the vegetable roll inside, fold the sides and roll it into frankie rolls.
  •  Serve with tomato sauce. 

Ingredients  :

Bengaluru kadlepuri (puffed rice)       1 big bowl

Finely chopped onion                        1
Finely chopped tomato                      1
Finely chopped spinach                     1/4 bunch
Finely chopped coriander                  a few leaves
Finely chopped cucumber                 1/2
Menthe Hittu                                   1 tablespoon
Chatni pudi                                     1/2 tablespoon
Groundnut oil                                  1 tablespoon
Ompudi Mixture                               1 cup
Salt to taste

Method :

Mix menthe hittu chatni pudi salt to kadlepuri add groundnut oil and mix well. 

To this add all the cut vegetables, garnish with ompudi mixture and serve immediately.

Start giving these healthy delicacies to your children and in a very short time watch them growing into great chefs !!!

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