Sunday, 11 October 2015


It has been a very long time since I shared recipes in my blog. Pardon? Have I stopped cooking or enjoying it? Please!!! I was so busy and engrossed in cooking that I didn't have time to write and share it! Oh please. Do you see smirks on somebody's face? Ignore it. The look on those faces is because they have turned my apprentice now and they think they cook better than ME!!!

This post, in fact, is for the benefit of my students. For my children and their friends who have started experimenting with their cooking on themselves thanks to their postings away from their mothers. Mind you, it is obvious that they are very good in cooking from the photos and the stories they are sharing on Facebook and WhatsApp. So I thought let me make it easier for them to have multiple delightful dishes, snacks and meals from a single core component.

Pssss.... There is another secret. A friend of mine had advised me long back : “ Do it once and Do it right!” Ever so grateful,  faithfully I am following  it and here I have modified it to my advantage - “ Teach it once and Teach it right!”  

In most of the homes Menthe hittu is prepared with different versions but alas many don't know its multiple usages and how a variety of delicacies can be scrambled up with it within a few minutes.

Note : Here for most of the dishes another most important component is chatnipudi - not any chatnipudi - but the one made with groundnut seeds. Recipe ? It's right here.

First let me share the recipe of Menthe hittu.

Ingredients :

Channa dal      2 big cup
Urad dal          1 big cup
Coriander seeds    2 Tablespoon
Jeera                      2 Tablespoon
Rice                        2 Tablespoon
Wheat                    2 Table Spoon ( If you don't have wheat, use wheat flour )
Turmeric powder  2 Tablespoon

( Many people use Moong Dal, Red chillies etc, but the Menthe hittu tastes yummy with the above ingredients and also for the other delicacies I prepare with this.)

Preparation :

In a kadai, roast separately to a golden brown the Channa dal, Urad dal, Rice, Wheat, Jeera and Coriander seeds and set aside. Remove the kadai from the fire and in that heated kadai, heat turmeric powder for a minute and pour in a plate.

In a mixie jar, first grind the dals to a fine powder. Then grind other ingredients and in the end mix everything and grind so that everything mixes to a nice yellow powder.

Your Menthe hittu is ready.

How all can you use and eat Menthe hittu?

  1. With hot rice :

To hot piping rice, put some ghee, a little salt and menthe hittu. It can be a most delicious and yummy breakfast or dinner.
You may add a little pickle, chantnipudi or a pinch of lemon juice according to your taste.

  1. With cold or leftover rice.

To the rice, add little menthe hittu, groundnut oil, salt and mix well. This is a most popular and tasty lunch for your office with a dash of pickle. I have been carrying it for three decades, followed by my children and enjoyed by their friends!

There can be further variation in this, if you mix the pickle or thokku while mixing Menthe hittu with the rice and oil.

Or else, instead of oil, prepare some oggarane and mix for one more exciting variation.

3. Menthe hittu hasi gojju :

Easy to make and a healthy breakfast.

Soak a lemon size tamarind and squeeze pulp.
Add finely ground lemon sized jaggery.
Add a small cup of water and salt to taste.

To this add 2 tablespoon of Menthe hittu.

Season with mustard seeds, asafoetida, red chilli and turmeric tadka ( oggarane )

This goes great with hot rice and a little ghee.

4. Menthe hittu mosaru gojju.

Alternately, instead of tamarind and jaggery, you can use curds to make gojju.

Add 2 tablespoons of  Menthe hittu to 2 cups of curds, add little water to suit to the consistency you want. Mix salt and season with mustard seeds, asafetida chilli and turmeric tadka.

Goes well with hot as well as cold rice.  

  1. Snacks.

  1. Hachida avalakki.

This can be a fine snack for evening or you can have it a la North Karnataka style breakfast.

Take 4 cups of telu avalakki.
Sprinkle a little water and set aside for five minutes.
Add a teaspoonful of menthe hittu, chatni pudi, a little salt, finely chopped coriander leaves and a tablespoon of fresh grated coconut and a spoon groundnut oil.
Mix well and serve.

  1. Crispy masala corn flakes :
Take some 4 cups of corn flakes in a bowl. Mix 2 teaspoonfuls of menthe hittu, 2 teaspoon chatni pudi, little salt and 2 teaspoonful groundnut oil. Mix well taking care to see that it is semi broken and not fully powdered. Enjoy!

  1. Masala Mandalu ( Instant Bhel )
In a bowl take some 6 cups of puffed rice ( Bangalore puri, not Mysore puri ).
Add 2 tablespoons of menthe hittu, chatnipudi, salt, 1 small cup hurigadale, 1 tablespoon groundnut oil and a few finely chopped coriander leaves. Mix well.

You can add finely chopped onions, cucumbers and tomato.

Those who prefer greens and are healthy eating buffs can add finely chopped spinach or methi leaves. This bhel is sure to be a great hit and remember to make in a large quantity if you have company.
Else you will be left licking your fingers! verbatim!!!

  1. Pachadi ( Salad )

The beauty of this salad is you can eat it with rice, roti or chapati or just gorge it raw with the accompaniment of a fresh fruit juice. Its a winner all the way.

Take 2 cups of finely chopped spinach leaves and 1 cup of finely chopped methi leaves and a few leaves of nicely chopped coriander leaves. Wash thoroughly and keep in a bowl. ( Some people love methi while others feel it is bitter. Take your call )
Mix nicely chopped 2 onions and a fresh cucumber.
You can also add a nicely chopped tomato if you like that tangy taste.
Add a tablespoon of menthe hittu, ½ tablespoon chatnipudi, little salt and a spoonful of groundnut oil.

Mix well and serve crunchy salad.

5. Congress masala :

Add finely chopped onion, cucumber, coriander leaves to 1/2 cup of grated carrot. Put a teaspoon of Menthe hittu, chatnipudi, a little salt. To this mix 2 cups of congress kakadlekai beeja and stir well. Add a dash of lemon juice.

Lo and behold! Your instatnt chats is ready.

Instead of congress, you can add hesarubele, or crumbled nippattu or kodubale. Choice is yours!!

Beyond this your imagination is the limit!!!

Kadale beejada ( Groundnut ) chatnipudi

Ingredients :

Kadale beeja ( Groundnut seeds )                   2 big cups
Chana dal                                                       1 cup
Urad dal                                                          3/4 cup
Grated dry coconut powder                            1 cup
Tamarind                                                        1 lemon size
Jaggery                                                           3/4 lemon size
Red chilli powder                                           1 cup ( Use only red chilli powder - It gives color and won't be very hot )
Salt to taste.

Roast to golden brown all the above ingredients separately excluding jaggery and salt.
You may peel the skin of the groundnut seeds, but in fact it's good for health and need not be abandoned.

Ground everything including jaggery and salt to a slightly coarse powder.
Keep in an airtight container.