Sunday, 25 January 2015

Watcha doin, Girls???

Whatcha doin girls?

Hello! Watcha doin girls??

Girls!! Whatcha doin???Why nobody ain't tellin me nothin :-(

Why are you jumpin?

Hey! Watch it!!
Gawd!! You almost stamped on me!!

Girls! I am askin you!!

What are they doin in Our home, Rashmi?!?

Mom! What are they doin?

Nobody tells me nothin :-(

Mom! They are making so much noise :-|

Lemme sleep.  Fur gawd's sake..
Pleeeaaase.. I can't sleep....

 Mom,me hungry.

And what's this?You have bought so many things, and nobody shows me nothin...
Why so many peeeeple at home?Why so much noise??Pleeese mom,me hungry :-(

Wait! Lemme see



Yuk! Only fruits.
 No eggs???

     No dad!

    No, I am not           touchin!!

       Me doin                 nothin!!!

 ( And nobody doin nothin !!! )

And nobody tells me nothin!!!

Whats goin 

I am also part of the family ......