Thursday, 26 February 2015

Do whatever you want to do man .......
“ Change of work is the best rest.” Thus spake Mr. Arthur Conan Doyle. Oh really? seriously?? There must be something terribly wrong either with me or with Mr. Doyle. Or maybe we both belong to two entirely different worlds. From purchasing vegetables - to cutting - to cooking - to serving - to packing lunch boxes - to cleaning - to going to work ...... No sir, sorry. The more I am changing the work, the more I am getting exhausted and neither fun nor rest are visible even from a distant mile. I want rest. Inertia. Being totally lazy. Don't look so flabbergasted! I have never experienced them in my life. And I want to. Now. Period.

Every time I yearn for those idle days and tell my friends, they advise me, “ Take leave and take rest. Never quit the job.” Since this is the common refrain from each and every friend of mine, I know this is the gospel truth. Once you become a working woman and work for a decade or two, it becomes extremely difficult to stay at home. Being idle. My well wishers scare me, “ You will be bored to death. What will you do sitting at home? It will be fun for the first few days and then you will regret.”
Really? Then what you and me are gonna do after we turn 60? Start a start up!? On a serious note, I, who am seriously planning to quit, get scared sometimes. What if? So I am being adventurous and go on taking frequent and longer leave to the irritation of my bosses and waiting for that elusive boredom to come and meet me. Either boredom is scared of me or so called scare is bored with my stubbornness, whatever it is, both are avoiding me.

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Cricket world cup!
India Pakistan match on a Sunday morning!!
I had a very clear plan. Get up late, take a head bath, get a glass of fresh fruit juice, pick some fresh cut fruits in a bowl, toss in some dry fruits, curl up my legs and enjoy the day.
Whom I am kidding? I am a working woman, a wife, a mother of two, with a house full of expectations of a Sunday morning. Add to it an indefinite holiday of servant maid -  if I am fooling anybody, its only me.
OK I got up late. First dream accomplished! This is heavenly, getting up late on a Sunday morning. Real idea of a holiday. My hubby Prakash had gone to Mantralaya and on the way back had picked up some deliciously fresh white brinjals. Although I prepare Ennegai palya with the brinjals available here, they have skins like plastic. Don't believe me? Try doing ennegai with both of them separately and compare. Recipe? Of course it is HERE.

Friday, 6 February 2015

D Day ...............

D Day....                                           
I gave the name D Day to this write-up. Then as is my habit, I started wondering what exactly the D-Day referred to. Honestly I thought it to be an abbreviation for designated day. But curiosity took me to Google, and this is what I found. This is for those curious souls like me, willing to dig a little deeper till they find the treasure of truth  :-)
“ Historically, D-Day was a coded name for June 6 th 1944, the day Allies' troops landed on the Normandy beach, France, during World War II. Later on the term became a war  metaphor used for any day that is deemed important.”
Then I thought, whether the name I have given is appropriate? This article is all about love, engagement and marriage. But then as Shakespeare has put it, “ What is in a name? No other name given to rose will take away its sweetness.”
So D Day it is.....