Saturday, 3 August 2013

How to get readers to your Blog ?

How to make your blog interesting?
Imagine you have grown a beautiful flower, what do you want to do next ? You may want to offer it to God, or present it to your loved ones. Even if you don't like to pluck the flower and want to leave it in the plant,you would love others to look at it and appreciate it. You want the pleasure of sharing. You would like others to appreciate your efforts. Isn't it?

Or suppose you have prepared some delicious dish. More than eating it yourself or eating alone, sharing the dish would enhance your pleasure.

So is the case with your blog and blog posts. We write because we love to, but there is no fun if nobody reads what we have written. And of course there is the issue of money and monetising your blogs. Most of us want to monetize our blog right? The beauty of blogging is you can enjoy what you love to do and what you are passionate about and then get paid for it!

Art of selling :

So here we are marketing our product. We want more and more customers to visit our shop. And then? We want them to buy what we are selling. What if they don't like one product? Of course we have other offers. We don't want to lose our customers :-) Suppose they like and buy one. Should we let them go? Of course not. We would offer them more and more products.

But remember, customers will come to our shop and buy only if we are offering them the best of products. So let us never compromise on the quality. Let us offer them quality products which they should not be able to resist. We will never thrust anything on them forcefully. Only if our posts are good, if the readers find them useful and enjoy, not only would they return to us but also would recommend us to others.

Blogging Tips :

So what are the tips and the tricks to get more readers ? Here you go!

You have already learnt how to create a blog and how to write a popular blog post. Now it is time for you to get more and more readers to your blog. Here are the tricks :

  • Write quality content. Let your posts be not too short or inadequate nor too lengthy.
  • Control the  bounce rate for your blog by interlinking your posts. The bounce rate is the percentage of the people visiting your blog and leaving without reading other pages.The advertisers would like to see the bounce rate of your blog. 
  • Write niche blogs. If your blog contains too many posts about too many subjects, the reader may not know what to search, what to find and soon may lose interest in your blog. If your blog contains multiple subjects, at least write some articles on each particular subject which invites the readers to read other posts.
  • While linking to your other related posts, link with a meaningful sentence or group of words instead of saying just "click here." For example if you have posted about healthy diets and yoga, say " How to lose weight with yoga and pranayama." People would know what they will get if they visit the link.
  • The speed of loading of your blog is very important. People don't have too much of time and patience. Don't use a template with lot of background image. It may look good but images take a lot more time to load. Use a simple blog theme and template, as people want more information than mere design.
  • You may also link to your other posts by adding a simple sentence in between paragraphs. But take care not to overdo it. It may have a negative impact.
  • Add the " You may also like to read " widget at the bottom of your post. People may not like to search your blog, but if an interesting or related post link appears, naturally they would like to read it.
  • Keep ads at a comfortable number. If your blog is full of ads or ads pounce on the readers, they may irritate and turn off the readers. 

Well, by following these simple and easy steps I am sure you would achieve great success in popularising your blogs. I wish you Good Luck. Please share these tips with your friends too. They may be in need of these tips and would be happy to implement them.

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