Monday, 25 March 2013

How to be a successful Blogger ?

Hello senior bloggers ! I am a fresher here and already have become a big fan and have got addicted to blogging. When I tried to explore the to learn more about it, one thing I noticed that most of the experienced bloggers have taken pains to give tips and have written posts to give guidance to the freshers. How endearing and thoughtful!

 I think as an experienced blogger when one come across questions and doubts at bloggers' forum one feels obliged to guide and write such a hub. To be frank though I am a raw new comer, I am also tempted to give advice and guidance sometimes on forums when I know the answer. But naturally! It is like one week old baby giving advice to the new born " cry! then only mother will give you milk!"


But my this post is at the other extreme end of the spectrum. Even after going through the bloggers' forum and reading the faqs and question answers still some doubts persist in new bloggers' mind. They may be out and out technical or just plain silly. But i know we are all wise on retrospection. Such doubts no doubt must have arisen in most of our new comers' minds and after going through the forums, I know that new bloggers always had such doubts and experienced bloggers are always willing to guide the new comers.

Let me tell you how my experiment as blogger started. After writing some 25 posts in a blog covering a wide range of subjects, rightly named as chitrannaa - a mixture of everything, over a period of one year, after taking care to write 100% original articles with good content I applied for Google Adsense. I had read that for Indian blogs, waiting period is six months and that I must have a privacy policy, the blog should not contain adult content and I should give all my personal details like name address etc correctly. But when I applied twice, the ad-sense was not approved with a mail that said "After reviewing your application, our specialists have found that it does not meet our program criteria. Therefore, we are unable to accept you into our program." I have started some more research and analysis to see what exactly could be wrong. 
My introduction to blogging is also accidental and interesting. As a programmer, about five years ago, in one of our mysql and php training classes, when the instructor asked " Do you know what is blogging? How to make web ? [php mysql website] ? and what is advertising marketing? ", we had no answer. So when he explained giving the example of orkut and how he became successful blogger and the story behind his blog creation I got fascinated.
It was the initial stage of getting acquainted with the use of internet at home. I was on leave and was staying at home to take care of my visiting father post my mom's death. One day I came across an ad about adsense and google ads account sign in and how we can make money online and they would teach us about [external keyword tool]. 

They had not given the full details but only an attractive hooking ad in glorifying terms and asking us to send one thousand bucks to get full details about Google adsense. I fell for it hook, line and sinker! Had I just browsed a little more or just put a question to Google as to what is adsense or what is a blog, I could have found a better answer free of cost. Or if I had a facebook login at that time on facebook social network by [facebook application developers] I could have asked my friends about its authenticity.
But I spent the money, got a CD explaining the basics of adsense and told me that they would give step by step guidance as I learnt and proceeded with my blog. Due to paucity of time and finding it cumbersome to follow their numerous gmails they would send me once a week, I gave up the idea of how to make money from advertise webpages from the simple webpage templates. But I had vowed to myself that I will come back!


So when I had my spinal fusion operation and was on a rehab program at home, I decided to re-kindle this passion of writing. My journey as a computer programmer in Life Insurance in India can be put to a good use here for technical aspects. Physically I am yet to recover fully, fortunately I don't have the problem of shedding weight as I I Practiced Yoga, Pranayama and lost Weight prior to my operation, so now other than eating chitrannaa prepared by my husband and taking care of my terrace garden I have little else to do.

For your blog to be a successful one, remember the following points :

1. Write original interesting stuff.

2. Do good research before venturing on any topic.

3. Keep it straight and simple and take care of spelling and grammar

4. Don't forget to tell about yourself and what your blog is about.

5. Remember to include privacy policy.

6. If you are from India write for six months before applying for adsense.
7. Of late the rules have been made very strict and once if your blog is          

    rejected for adsense you will have to wait for six months to re-apply.

8. Keep it clear and above board.

9. Study the Google key words and blend them into your post to attract the


10. Most important - if your blog is rejected for any reason, analyse, rectify 

     and re-apply. NEVER GIVE UP HOPE! GOOD LUCK!