Sunday, 9 August 2015

Google it !!!

The fun and frolic is more when you have a wedding, no, not in your home, but when your nephews and nieces are getting married. Since you have more of a free time and look at all the things in a free perspective and at leisure you enjoy more. Especially when you are a blogger. As one who is getting a bahu in a week, I am stealing some moments to write, ahem, for my fans :-)

It was on first Sunday of August 2014, on a friendship day, that Sumana, my would be daughter-in- law came to our house and it is one year since.Time has flew like a blink of an eye.Wedding bells are ringing next Sunday.I am squeezing in some moments to write about the wedding invitation and my family members are aghast that I am sitting in front of my blog at this crucial hour. Relax guys! After all I have done all the preparation work ( Ok Ok majority of the work ) and will finish it off !!!

When we wanted to get the invitations printed, all of us wanted it to be in the basic simplest form possible. My son didn't want the cards as he would be E-inviting friends and colleagues and daughter would be "call inviting". It has always been my firm belief that unless you want to make the press guy rich, there is no need of a glossy expensive invite. However great your invitation looks, people are going to spend just a few moments to read the details or may be cast an extra eye on the design if you have spent a fortune on it. Or if it lands in the hands of a person of my cynicism, you will get a skirmish face. Beyond watching the details, it is of no use to anyone.Period.

And I wanted to make a video invitation - for my friends. I didn't know how. But learning and creativity is my forte and it fascinates me immensely. Of late it has become a constant refrain in my home ( I am sure in most other homes ) " Google it !" The ultimate know all, the God of modern day.Started by my son, lapped up by my daughter and adopted by we both. Without referring to Google, unless I fail to find a suitable solution there, I won't approach my son. But still whenever I seek such help, he gives that look " Google it and find !"

Whatever I found was not satisfactory and then I went to Quora. That site which I admire most, because unlike many other networking sites, I find this as a thinking man's adda. And guess what!?! The person whom I asked in quora gave me a solution " Google it! "

With Picasa video maker I made a video and as I was reviewing the final product, my son came and complimented. A great accomplishment indeed!

Alas! When I converted it to send on WhatsApp, initial few seconds were getting disturbed. Back to square one :-(

Then I turned to another software engineer at home, my daughter. I am really amazed at the science of Physics and Genetics! Men are indeed from Mars and women from Venus. Preparing a presentation is a punishment for  my son while my daughter wants to use decorative fonts and borders for her project!

And then my daughter gave the App name - Photo Grid and lo and behold! Within few minutes a beautiful video invitation was ready!

But one thing I miss and recall nostalgically - my grandmas, parents, aunts and uncles. You may be chided by them, they may not have had the solutions the Internet and Google of today have, but still I wish we can go back to those days and those type of relations and families. You can find everything else in Google, but for love, affection, caring and sharing - you need families, friends and relatives - the humanes.  Wish we can Google it !!!