Saturday, 24 November 2012

Nuchinunde and Sandige Huli

This is a royal dish generally prepared on the occasion of Devara Samaradhane 
before wedding and nuchinunde is also prepared on the occasion of Nagara 
Panchami. There is a wrong notion, rather hesitation to prepare it on other 
occasions with a feeling that it is a tedious process. Though it can be a 
little time consuming, with a little advance planning and  preparation one 
can enjoy this special dish on Sundays and holidays too. Why on a holiday? 
Because the meals would be so sumptuous and filling that one doesn't feel 
like working after eating this! So go ahead and enjoy! Happy cooking and 
happier eating!

Ingredients :

For Nuchinunde  :  

1. Channa dal  ( kadale bele )               :  2 cups
2. Tur Dal       ( togari bele )             :  2 cups
3. Finely chopped sabbasige soppu            :  1 bunch
4. Finely chopped menthe soppu  (fenugreek)  :  1 bunch
5. Finely chopped  Pudina  soppu    (mint)   :   ½ bunch
6. Finely chopped  coriander leaves          :   ½ bunch
7. Green chillies                            :  10 – 15 ( depending on your taste )
8. Hing powder                               :  1    tea spoon
9. Haldi powder                              :  1    tea spoon
10. Baking soda                              :   a   pinch
11. Jeera                                    :  2 table spoon
12. Salt to taste

For  Huli   :

1.Tamarind Juice                             :  3/4 cup
2. Jaggery                                   :  1 cup
3. Sambar powder                             :  2 table spoon
4. Red Chilli powder                         :  1 table spoon
5. Curry leaves                              :   10 -15
6. Coriander leaves                          :    A few
7. Groundnut oil                             :   1 table spoon
8. Mustard seeds                             :   1 tea spoon
9. Hing                                      :   1 tea spoon
10. Haldi powder                             :   ½  tea spoon
11. Salt to taste

Preparation   :  

Soak the daals separately in enough water for 2-3 hours.
Afterwards drain the water thoroughly in a sieve and set aside.
In a mixie put the jeera and green chillies and grind coarsely, 
then add the drained daal and grind coarsely without putting water. 
Take care to grind only for a few seconds at a time and turning it
to other side so that it grinds to a coarse level and doesn't turn 
into a paste. Keep aside a very small cup of it, to be used for huli.
To this mixture add all the finely chopped leafy vegetables, salt, 
hing, haldi and baking soda and mix well. Cook it in a cooker for 5 
minutes and let it cool.
Once the mixture turns cold, make small balls ( unde ) and arrange  
them in rows in a greased vessel. Cook again for 3 whistles.

Take the separately kept mixture and grind it to a nice paste using 
sufficient water. In a thick bottomed kadai, put groundnut oil. when 
heated add mustard seeds and let it splutter. Then add hing and haldi. 
Immedilately pour tamarind juice, jaggery, salt and sufficient water 
and let it come to a boil. While boiling, add curry leaves, red chilli 
powder, sambar powder and let let simmer further. Then add the ground 
paste and add further more water, if needed, and allow it to boil.  
( You have to judge here about the quantity of paste and the water because 
it will turn very thick fast and after it cools it gets further thicker.)
Turn off the heat, add finely chopped coriander leaves and keep aside with
its lid closed for 5-10 minutes. Then add a few nuchinundes, keep aside
with the lid closed and serve hot.

The remaining nuchinundes can be savored dry with ghee or curd rice which 
taste equally good!